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    re: elie 2000. Hi elie2000,

    Galvanised by your plaintive cries, I'm moved to respond.

    I think a lot of people are in the red with regard to Axon. Hence, expect considerable tax loss selling over the next few weeks. One might be comforted by the market depth but you only have to see the way that 100000-200000 depths are taken out daily by concerted selling.

    The chart indicates that there might be support at 27-28 cents. My guess is that selling will continue until sometime just before or just after June 30 when I would expect a significant turn around as, technically, the stock is oversold.

    If you are considering an entry, My strategy would be to place a buy order around 27-28 cents just in case of a dump and watch them closely for signs of a turn around so can move your buy oder up.

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