axed and unfair [email protected] 34c

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    MDCC shares,new issue, to the,questionable, value of $us 70m. on march 19th.
    Excuse my complete ignoranxce regarding US takeovers, but what does:" based on its current average stock value" mean?
    Does the number of newly minted mdcc shares given to AXN holders increase above the 0.00734 ratio as the share price falls, possibly to a more favourable conversion on D day??
    Regardless, $70million of new monopoly paper for a company who is just starting to score runs sounds like something for nothing.
    And what is a blank level @ 34c on the buyers side of the market depth?
    In the case of AXN I am not pleased to remain blissfully igorant. Yes, and you can ring AXN too, that is if there are in small shareholders left after the vacuuming going on this week.
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