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    accumualtion point 22/5 (still tax selling yet)

    ilrobbinrosso (ID#: 406483) Off subject (Towie)--->>>>>>>>DVT Holdings. 22/5/02 6:57:13 PM 5189356
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    Off subject.
    Towie has posted on DVT in small caps--for he wants to make it clear he doesn't really endorse the stock--so he has stated he was only interested down near 3c---what this means is there are probably some positive things coming up---namely just simply the entity has changed it's name--new management---resolution of legal dispute with Cisco---13 to 15 million in the bank.Edata running profitably.
    Hostile takeover bid by Bigshop.
    Abbey today has got all paranoid about it--and felt that he has to post negatively on it before buying in--when all he had to do was buy it.
    (hope this helps) refer summary at Ozestock---hasn't been updated yet to include either Bigshop or Cisco resoultion.

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    ilrobbinrosso (ID#: 406483) Tell you the truth--spec--technology sector 28/5/02 4:17:36 PM 5210432
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    Tell you the truth>>>as amusing as some would surely find--number one pick as a spec in the tech sector>>>the tech sector only has to become bullish---is DVT from directors options at 3c--the lowest it has ever been is 2.6c.
    The company on fundamentals has restructered and is recovering>>to be something different than what it once was>>>with new management.
    Thats my view. (in the tech sector)(the tech sector is bearish at the moment)
    Cheers,--BK. (lol)
    Alfgolf (ID#: 359783) Good luck !! The next year will be great !!!! 31/5/02 5:40:51 PM 5224310
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    I've been travelling, working on a potential deal. The XSI integration will
    be swift, as that is the goal of the new CEO. At this time, we can give no
    further information on the next big deal or results forecasts, but we are
    working hard to be able to keep the timetable commitment made by the
    Chairman at the EGM in January.

    Mark Hubbards

    I´m thinking so and you ?????????????????

    DVT will go back to an very interesting investment !!!

    Greetings from Germany

    Good luck !! The next year will be great !!!! Alfgolf 31/5/02 5:40:51 PM
    Tell you the truth--spec--technology sector ilrobbinrosso 28/5/02 4:17:36 PM
    Margin/sales between 5 &7% XSI /DVT/PWR ilrobbinrosso 24/5/02 6:59:39 PM
    succesfully speculated (ego aside)PWR+DVT ilrobbinrosso 24/5/02 2:13:51 PM
    Completion of Acquisition of XSI 24/5/02 PWR ilrobbinrosso 24/5/02 2:12:20 PM
    Off subject (Towie)--->>>>>>>>DVT Holdings. ilrobbinrosso 22/5/02 6:57:13 PM
    go away sickobonks for ever get the hint -magot FIBBONACI 22/5/02 3:20:53 PM
    bk about to crack -mental breakdown no.20 today FIBBONACI 22/5/02 3:14:40 PM
    bonks conned single mum to pay 16c (accumualtion point in point--BK (Steve) FIBBONACI 22/5/02 3:09:16 PM
    Legal dispute with Cisco resolved. 16/5 ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 2:51:49 PM
    New issue 3.4c>21/05/2002>>>>>>> 0.0370 ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 1:05:13 PM
    2002-05-20 ("Bigshop") Supreme Court ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 11:44:01 AM
    banned for dvt did I say something wrong? viking116 17/5/02 5:37:00 AM
    finished at strongest point 3.8c bullboard121 16/5/02 5:20:41 PM
    MY VIEW CORRECTONE PAS HIH ET AL bullboard121 16/5/02 1:52:47 PM
    RE: 2002-05-07 NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENT3.4c bullboard121 16/5/02 1:40:10 PM
    RE: 2002-05-07 NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENT3.4c bullboard121 16/5/02 10:37:46 AM
    2002-05-07 NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENT3.4c bullboard121 10/5/02 7:44:52 AM
    DVT Holdings directors options 3c bullboard121 9/5/02 10:44:11 AM
    The company is known as DVT Holdings bullboard121 8/5/02 9:02:52 PM
    RE: dvt towie16 8/5/02 6:33:14 PM
    dvt bukowski 3/5/02 4:36:49 PM
    DVT announcement 3/5/2002.11:57:21 AM bullboard121 3/5/02 12:34:42 PM
    RE: BIGSHOP ........... ntsucks 29/4/02 9:53:41 PM
    RE: BIGSHOP ........... Alfgolf 27/4/02 12:03:24 AM
    RE: BIGSHOP ........... domdoc 26/4/02 2:09:41 PM
    date right this time 24/4/2002takeover Farookkhan superdrongo 26/4/02 9:28:56 AM
    REdated 24/2/2002--takeoverFarrok KhanDVT superdrongo 25/4/02 10:26:35 PM
    AFR/Takeover/25/4/2002. Farooq Khan superdrongo 25/4/02 10:19:19 PM
    BIGSHOP ........... mdejongh 24/4/02 11:22:53 AM
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