away for a while

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    Im leaving tomorrow for a week in singapore, then a week in tiawan, so you wont hear from me much for a month or 2.

    A developer offered me a sales and marketing contract for some resorts, and the money was too good to refuse. When I get back to oz, I'll be a bit too busy to post for a while, as I hire and train new staff, but I will look in occaisionally to say hi to all my friends here. Its hard to stay away from HC.

    In the last 6 mths, Ive moved away from daytrading, and take positions that last an average of 2 weeks or so, so I dont need to watch the market all day. I wake up and see the DOW news, and that tell me all I need to know, whether today is a sell day, or a golf day.

    No, Im not worried about SARS. Dont let your fears stand in the way of your dreams. My tourism associates in singapore and tiawan report business as usual, as of yesterday. If the locals arent scared, then neither am I.

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