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    Market seems to have gone quiet on avl in the last few days.It may have a perception that not much was achieved at the Inter Congolese Dialogue and that this is going to affect avls ability to produce concentrate on time.

    It was a major achievement to get all the parties to the same table to talk,and some progress was made.Production at Dikulushi is however NOT dependant on how much progress was made at the ICD.If Dikulushi was developed on the basis of stability in the region, it would never have got off the ground.If recent unrest was seen to be a problem RMB and MDM could well have pulled the plug.This has not occurred and the project development continues apace.

    Management has confirmed avl WILL produce their first concentrate in August.There is now only a few months till that production and we are now probably seeing the last of the stock to be picked up cheaply.They are also looking to the future and may already have parties interested in the later stages of the project.

    3 months to go!
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