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ManUtd, did you go onto Wall Street and compare SMN with APT...

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    ManUtd, did you go onto Wall Street and compare SMN with APT stats?

    APT is overvalued when compared to its industry peers BUT the expected growth rate is a whopping 50% year on year over the next few years.
    If we concentrate on the only share price driven stat as APT, then it's all about the growth rate of the business-Yes?

    SMN is in the last stages of the commercialization of its CVM technology. If we apply the share price driven stat only concentrating on the growth rate, what do you believe will happen between September 2020 and the following 5 years thereafter?

    What is the expected growth rate of SMN future sales of its CVM technology in the aviation industry? I advise everyone to contact SMN management and hit them hard about working towards finalizing CVM technology in signing up as many U.S. states in fitting CVM tech to bridges as a priority in its second major asset revenue within the next 6 months.

    In times of crisis, the best managers will step up to the plate. How SMN performs over the next 6 months will largely depend on their performance.
    If the Coronavirus does not spur them on, then nothing will! And if they have to say one more time about not having the time to do the hard yards, then why are they still collecting so many performance shares?

    If Donald Trump was on the board, he would get these deals done. That's no bull. If you think that is funny, then how funny do you think our guys are feeling? Time to step up!

    P.S. The Sandia news article was a rehash from years ago. How long are we going to read the same point on point over and over again?
    Get the bloody deals done! Is it that bloody difficult?


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