avian flu u.s. commentary on the hysteria

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    Tony Snow on Fox to-day spent considerable time analyzing the avian flu pendemic hystreria. Several experts commented that the odds of the avian flu mutating to kill humans were near nil. The Wall Street Journal said the same, commenting about the massive flu pandemic of the early 1900's it was explained that most of the deaths occurred because medical procedures were so primitive and many of those deaths would have been averted in our modern society.

    The number of steps that the avian flu would need to make to enter the human population is very complex and extremely unlikely. Stockpiling anti-flu drugs / vaccines is not practical as no-one knows what strain they are fighting. The drugs would in any event go stale very quickly. Analysis of the strain can be completed in a matter of weeks.

    Have been watching this stuff with interest, as I do not understand what all of hysteria is really about. Reduced to investment terms am at a loss as what I would do. Orobably buy more GOLD shares.
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