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    JD, it's true, I'm not as well researched on the FA as some because at this stage I'm trading AUZ on mostly TA indicators (and doing modestly well I might add). How many here can say they've realised an actual profit of about $20k so far without telling porky pies? I'll take that over paper profits any day!

    AUZ still carries a lot of risk which needs to be incrementally removed before the SP will move (and stay) higher, i.e. successful BFS, securing funding for mine construction and associated dilution from SK's proposed 19.9% investment, cobalt prices holding up etc.

    You could argue that it's all a given but I've seen more deals like this fall over than I care to remember. Big money doesn't invest with the same reckless abandon as the HC punters do I'm afraid. They wait until risk is removed and then buy at the lowest price possible.

    AUZ have earmarked 2020 for completion of mine construction, however I would argue that that's a very best case scenario as experience tells me these things nearly always take twice as long as budding mining companies would have us believe.

    Anyway, just my 8.3c worth
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