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    Who cares about other companies - focus on what we have to get done and now
    Isn't this thread about >AUZ<
    When are some SKI execs coming on board - get this AUZ party started. ??!!
    (Eg: In Korea a project takes 6 months minimum to get moving -here we fluff for 3-5 years +)

    a 60% (ish) payrise for non-execs -what??the??-
    aren't the banks being investigated for the same dishonesty/lack of transparency; ripping off shareholders and the public....... fair enough if the SP was up there $1 plus > then maybe an increase is "earned"

    We need to be focused on getting our CoNi out of the ground.
    The stock market and media keep screaming about DRC > so why aren't we stepping in to replace their supply chain with ours asap ... why does it take soo long to get out of the ground
    The red tap/regulatory fee grabbing is destroying and holding back development and jobs growth.

    Management going to (more) presentations; and yet Trumpy only wants supply from his own country or neighbours ie; Canada... isn't that a waste of time and monies?
    SKI already have 19.9% "ownership" of AUZ up for grabs which includes our Cobalt sites; Sconi, Flemington & Thackaringa - not very encouraging for another major investor IMO. Who would be in charge?
    Focus needs to be here front and centre earning their executive salaries... when AUZ is too big for anyone to ignore "they" will come to us rather than chasing after rainbows.

    Very frustrated with our SP;
    a very juicy takeover prospect. Would serve management right if that happened -
    can not understand why Thackaringa "massive" results mentioned now when from December 2017!!! mapping & readings taken 5 months ago?
    yet again an uneventful announcement; our neighbours must laugh being compared to them- which makes an investor look at them rather than AUZ > their SP's have taken off / true in retracements at the moment; till next their rebound into above and beyond $1 leaving us lagging far behind.

    All in my opinion and frustration with AUZ's current Share Price.
    Have held this puppy since 2006 - thought we were off and away at last after October 2017 - but has stalled again
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