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    Eastland's announces its latest development ""REVERSYRINGE" AUTOMATIC
    Eastland Medical Systems Ltd is pleased to announce that it has now completed the
    development of their patented "Reversyringe" Device.
    "Reversyringe" is the only true automatic retract syringe in the world that retracts and self
    destruds during operation of any procedure without the need for healthcare workers to
    activate the retraction. "Reversyringe" achieves its automatic retraction and self destruction
    without the need for the use of springs or activation by the user.
    The use of springs in retraction of needles in retractable syringes has been a World wide
    cost and downtime due to the tangling of springs.
    problem in the m a s production by automated assembly and is still a major problem adding
    ''Reversyinge" has granted patents and its targeted market is the pre-filled syringe market
    incorporating mass immunisation programs and the specialist self administration markets.
    a procedure, an essential function of a truly safe device. This product has been developed
    "Reversyringe", like all of Eastland safe products, can be rendered safe at any time during
    to compete with other more complicated devices within the retractable syringe market.
    The development of the P.A.P needle technology, developed at the Portland facility, now
    provides Eastland's full range of injectable devices with considerable advantages over its
    competitors, not only in design and function but also cost^ The cost of needles will now be
    reduced by half when Eastland introduce the manufacturing of its own needles at Portland.
    The patents owned by Eastland Medical Systems - including its unique Clip-On
    syringe converter for the prevention of needlestick injuries have been acquired and
    developed to respond to the international demands of the health industry.
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