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    With Foster's taking a $105 million hit on its CUB beer division, dragging down today's bottom line profit for 2002-03 to $463 million, Woolworths has emerged as the tenth most profitable listed Australian company after the Big Four banks, Telstra, BHP-Billiton, News Corp and Woodside Petroleum.

    And if you now classify Rio Tinto as being a UK company, Woolies have almost made it into the top 10 for all-time profits with this week's $609 million record for 2002-03.

    You've never seen this anywhere before but here is the league ladder of highest ever profits announced by our largest listed companies. There are only 14 who've cracked $500 million in a year which is our cut-off:

    The Record Profit Rankings from companies that have cracked $500 million in a year:

    1.King Goblin Enterprises $7.03 bn (2000-01)
    2. Telstra $4.06bn (2000-01)
    3. NAB: $3.38bn (2002)
    4. CBA: $2.66bn (2001-02)
    5. BHP-Billiton: $2.53bn (2001-02)
    6. Westpac: $2.19bn (2002)
    7. ANZ: $2.17bn (2002)
    8. News Corp: $1.97bn (1999-00)
    9. AMP: $1.15bn (2000)
    10. Woodside Petroleum: $967m (2000)
    11. WMC: $765 m (2000)
    12. Woolworths: $609m (2002-03)
    13. Foster's $561m (2001-02)
    14. CSR: $553 million (2001-02)
    15. Qantas: $517m (1999-00)
    16.King Goblin Modelling Agency: $508m(2001-02)

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