australias sexiest jobs revealed

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    By Inga Gilchrist
    April 09, 2008 02:14pm
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    WANT to be an instant babe or chick magnet? Just tell your date you're an actor, nurse or personal trainer.

    Australia's sexiest jobs list shows we like our women kind and buff, and our men beefy with a wallet to match.

    For women, acting is the hottest job on the block, a poll of more than 500 singles for dating site RSVP revealed today.

    The celebrity appeal of hotties such as Angelina Jolie has seen actors knock perennial favourite nurses off the top spot.

    Musicians, personal trainers and doctors also look good on paper to the typical single fella.

    But you can forget finding the way to a man's heart through his stomach the least sexy occupation a woman can be is chef.

    Other jobs that make a woman a dating dud are firefighter, tradeswoman and banker.

    IT doesn't mention DAY TRADING HERE - Might opt out to start doing my personal training again, mmmmmmmm
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