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    Having crapped in our own backyard what future for our stockmarket.I'm glad I hold no stocks at all now.I know of stocks that had great futures but I doubt that now.We are confining ourselves to our own backyard for all sorts of reasons;all the progress we have made in the past with our neighbours is in the garbage bin.Back to the Hills hoist and Victa lawnmower I suppose.We've given it all over to the backyard soldiers and 'gunners'......I'm gunna do this to them,I'm gunna do that to them;first they've got to get out of their pyjamas and into the real world.Not talking about guns,talking about when I was shot.Yes shot;having been through that and daily putting my life on the line,I am amused at these 'everyday heroes'.Remarks like do-gooders slipping off the lips of the do-nothings.'Blokes' that have major problems relating to the opposite sex,but telling us all how to live the 'real' life.However we are used to picking up the pieces and putting them together again.The throwing out the baby with the bathwater is still with us and must be a natural human habit.I hope we wake up to ourselves before its too late and the other predator entreprenures pick up the bargains being abandoned.Difficult problems are there to be solved and we as a nation have shown that we can do it;let's not let it slip through our hands.
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