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    I'd like to see what people think, or if you have any literature on the state of the Australian property market at the moment.

    For those of us (probably all of us) who were a part of the internet/.com bubble can all remember what its like when the bubble bursts.

    My concern is that a lot of the generation (me included)caught up in the ridiculous price rises have never seen what its like to go through the hard times (regarding property). A lot of people fully/overexposed to property don't remember the 17% interest days (not that it will ever get back there). I don't think people really know what its like to get caught in a BEARISH market. Times have never been so good. Interest rates only need to go up a few % and then we will see a lot of trouble. It won't really affect the family home buyer, who live in that home for the rest of their life, but what about the people that are fully leveraged into investment properties. There could be the posibility of people having negative equity in their homes.

    I don't really keep a close eye on the property market now days. I hear that sydney & melbourne have been struggling of late.

    I would like to know what peoples thoughts are? Any literature?
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