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    You are talking about the manner not the matter of resettlement then.

    I live in a regional town where refugees are following the example of your grandfather. They work hard and difficult jobs that many Australian born individuals are too lazy or high and mighty to contemplate.

    I would like you to reference your sources on the cost of resettlements. If they are true it is a disgrace because it doesn't cost $700K to give someone English lessons (from an unpaid volunteer) and get them a job at a local abattoir or the like. Lets work the issue and define how money is misapplied within the bureaucracy.

    By the way, we have a Coalition Government at a Federal level so I can't understand your comment about the "left" screwing the country. The so called left is in no position to do much at all! Further to that, who sits in the Canberra laughing gallery doesn't make a toss of difference.

    A big issue on well managed farms ATM is fickle weather. That said there are still many growth areas in Australian agriculture but it depends on the region. In comparison to foreign interests "most" Australian's remain largely disinterested in Ag as an investment and in any case they have done most of their coin on idiotic real estate speculation.

    All parties need to advocate for and further support innovative new industries ( in a more effective manner and what is currently the case) but beyond that our economic future is determined by world markets.


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