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australian gas demand

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    Posted recently by Porker on the LNC threads:

    An interesting read for anyone investing in gas ... including UCG. From the article, UCG doesn't yet get a mention in forward planning ... but then neither do significant CBM gas reserves from the Gunnedah Basin (ESG) and significant CBM/conventional gas reserves from the Clarence Morton Basin (MEL) in NSW.

    I have had a view for a while now that the shift towards gas generated electricity for its immediate CO2 reduction benefits will put pressure on indigenous gas reserves (worldwide and here in Australia) ... the rush to export massive amounts of east coast reserves via LNG from Gladstone and possibly a few other ports exacerbates things in Qld, NSW and Vic imo.

    UCG can "manufacture" significant gas reserves to complement CBM and conventional gas reserves.

    There is much at stake with the Qld Govt's policy review on UCG due in about 18 months and of course with the success of the current UCG trials of LNC, CNX and soon CXY.

    From a metrics point of view, UCG syngas has a natural demand void to fill ... will policy and commonsense prevail?

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