Australian "Freedom of Speech" Rights Denied

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    AS we write daily about the righteousness of a middle east war and whether or not its worldly consequences have any implications on our simple share trading lives, right here in Australia, "Our Freedom of Speech" is under attack.

    Guess who is complaining. The Jews.

    The web site has been given 7 days to remove its offensive and slanderous material from the internet. My question is "Is it so bad?".

    I have had a fair read of the site and find little to no defamatory comments made. Just a simple man with a desire to try and sort out a question that has evaded resolution after decades of dispute. "Did 6 million Jews Really Die?". This very question formed part of Canadian "Freedom of Speech" rights in the late eighties. The Canadian Rabbis fought by using the courts and money to stop Zundall from publishing his thesis on that exact question "Did 6 million Jews Really Die?". It was neither anti-semetic nor defamatory. It was just the audacity of anyone querying that the "holocaust" was anything short of the mass murder of 6 million jews was a heretic. Zundall won.

    Factually based revisions of the numbers murdered and the means that was used (especially gas chambers) have been evidenced over the last 15 years to be WRONG and the original figure of 4 million murdered at Auschwitz alone has been revised down to 1-1.5 million. Dont get me wrong here either it is just relaying of information that has been divulged in the last decade or so. The bigger the numbers the bigger the compo claims, so their is a vested interest in keeping the numbers really high to keep the story alive. All I am stating here is that there needs to be some revisions to historical records made and published.

    I for one like to read everything I can on the reasons why an entire nation could turn savage on an entire race within its society, and find such articles as illuminating. Whether I believe them or not is not the problem here it is just the whole premise of being able to ask the question and the inability to ask it that annoys me greatly. Unless it is reported as condemnation of the "Jewish holocaust" anything contrary is considered to be racist or defamatory and requires removal from mainstream media.

    To me it looks like there is no argument. You just blindly believe what the Jews tell you to be gospel.

    Where has freedom of speech gone?
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