australian 9-12-09 article - criterion

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    mention for m2m:
    Strategic direction change (Part Quoted):
    "The m2m story is as tangled as a virgin jungle. The stock was to have been the vehicle for a back-door listing of Carbon Planet, which deals in rainforest protection credits.

    That deal is off the agenda, at least on the terms proposed. But m2m has entered the sector in its own right, through a project financing deal to protect PNG rainforest.

    So far, the mechanics of rainforest protection is even less advanced than carbon trading, but several voluntary schemes exist. In the microcap version of a Wesfarmers-style conglomerate, m2m also has a Vietnamese telephony reselling arm and a video-card arm called Bluefish."

    "Our stance hasn't changed, but in keeping with the fuzzy messages from Copenhagen, we'll upgrade m2m to a spec buy."

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