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    So what do you read into this, Yak?

    that they don't like us because we are still predominantly long-nosed foreign devils?

    or that they are leaving us aside for an appetising dessert 20/30 years down the track when the only question will be - not whether one of them wants to get their hands on us for an opportune takeover, no that's a foregone conclusion, like it or not.

    the real question is: which one of them will it be?

    someone with a vastly increasing population, no doubt, and a keen eye for an empty continent.

    let me tell you who has got their heads up where the sun don't shine: the idiots who

    a) tell us that our population will be limited to about 25 million by 2025 or whenever

    b) the muslims are a lot of good guys, just sadly misunderstood

    c) stuff the Yanks, we don't need them & never will.

    ~/. .\~
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