Australia needs a new system

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    If ever it was apparent before it certainly is now that our system of politics is certainly badly damaged with various leaders telling the public that they are going to stay in office until hell freezes over

    We saw it with Howard which lost the election for the Libs, then came the dramatic Rudd/Gillard/Rudd knife fights
    Now we have disquiet about Abbott and in the Northern Territory they have two leaders both claiming the hot seat at the same time with the existing leader saying that it's his bat and ball so he is staying

    It is not the politicians that are at fault or the parties that they represent, they are all just ordinary people who has been fortunate to be thrust into the job and then discover there are no rules, they can do, and spend whatever they like and NO ONE can stop them, there is no oversight

    Wacky-do we can have a party

    This situation will not change even if we change to a Republic, if the politicians do not have any rules that can be enforced, if they do not have to comply with the wishes of the public, if there is no way the public can remove a rogue politician we are ultimately doomed

    Look at the wild swings of support at our recent elections, which is being mirrored through-out the world with minority and one policy parties getting huge numbers of votes,.

    Politicians are on the nose every where in the world and the public have to try and change the system by putting politicians on notice that they will be removed if they don't perform, and evry three years is too long they can do too much damage in the time.

    Look at the mess that Greece is in due to Pollies getting in bed with CBs and bankrupting their country

    Politicians are supposed to be the servants of the people, not Greek Gods, or Australian demi gods
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