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    Yes they do appear to have a lot of parade practice. It is absolutely fascinating to watch, but useless training for field combat.
    Do not underestimate the Chinese soldier. Major armies have often failed because of hubris.

    From my non-informed viewpoint, the Chinese forces are trained for "wave" attacks. They do not have the heavy body armour of the US soldiers, and do not do appear to have the sophisticated medical evacuation backup.

    So what will this mean in battle:
    a) The Chinese infantry will be light and fast, but without heavy support.
    b) They will operate in small independent, pre-planned, combat units ("waves") of about a platoon in size. Demolition crews will be prominent.
    c) Because of this they may penetrate defences of the target country, and cause substantial damage before being discovered.
    d) They will be less flexible (than western forces) to the changing conditions in battle and could suffer heavy losses in battle, especially if they do not reach their scheduled re-supply points.
    e) They will be very vulnerable to IED's.
    f) Once a platoon "wave" is committed to battle, there is no backing out. They are sacrificial.
    g) The Chinese infantry will attack like a plague, with "waves" hitting so many vulnerable locations that the economy of the target country will stop in its tracks very quickly.
    h) An unknown is their endurance in the field, without re-supply.

    - just an uneducated guess. The ADF can correct me if it wishes ......
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