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    JONATHAN BARRATT: "I mean, you know, obviously their emissions or the majority of the emissions are the result of burning coal to feed obviously electricity production and seeing that we have other natural resources such as hydro, and hydro and obviously our natural gas, I feel that the Government should have acted a long time ago.

    It is as if now they are slugging the public, slugging the public an additional tax because they haven't provided that infrastructure early on in the piece, say 15 to 20 years ago."

    Well I wonder why that is

    I can tell you why that is, it's because the public are idiots, well the minority that don't want progress and hold the rest of us to ransom are idiots, mmm Greens come to mind. This guy hasn't got a clue or he does just cant say it for fear of funds being pulled. A total farce this green "disease" we are going through.

    But dont get me wrong by all means keep it clean but to ban everything? makes no sense. Pure "hyperbowl".
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