Australia’s most dangerous suburb

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    What makes it dangerous, well it looks like it's multiculturalism!

    Australia’s most dangerous suburb

    A GANG war over drug turf that has been simmering for two decades has erupted into a series of public shootings that has turned Fairfield in western Sydney into Australia’s most dangerous suburb.

    Four shootings in the last two weeks alone, with two of them in the same street, have rocked the ethnically diverse suburb which houses Middle Eastern, southeast Asian and African communities 30km west of Sydney’s CBD.

    War is believed to have broken out between DLASTHR (The Last Hour) gang and a young breakaway group called The True Kings.

    Both are branches of the Assyrian Kings, the gang that assassinated police officer David Carty in a savage 1997 stabbing murder during which gang members sliced off the constable’s nose.

    In the Fairfield Police local area command, there was also an attempted drive-by shooting between the rival gangs and the fire bombing of a house, both in March this year.

    Sydney’s Assyrian community of more than 20,000 people whose families originally came from Turkey, Syria and Iraq, mainly live in the greater Fairfield area which includes suburbs Edensor Park and Abbottsbury.

    The Assyrian Kings gang was formed from a small number of northern Iraqi refugees who fled the Middle East in the wake of the 1990 Gulf War, and were given asylum in Australia.

    Following the murder of 25-year-old policeman David Carty in Fairfield’s Cambridge Tavern car park, just a five-minute drive from this month’s shootings, three men were convicted, another gang member released on appeal and three were acquitted.

    The deadly arsenal seized by police in a raid on the violent drug gang DLASTHR which is making Fairfield a dangerous place to live. Picture: NSW PoliceSource:Supplied
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