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austmag sinks on talk of new stanwell project part, page-9

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    anmna being dumped on the open I was also lucky enough to buy anmna at 10 cents on the open.

    I agree with what was mentioned earlier. It seems they are purposely making the share price lower (who knows why).
    All previous announcements were trying to present a positice angle. ydays was almost like throwing in the towel. They still have $181 million in cash. They should cancel the project and hand back the 30 cents to DES holders that only recently paid.

    Quite pathetic effort from Rod Sharp IMO. Its sounded like he was saying "yes we've stuffed up bad and its up to someone else like the govt to rescue us and if no-one does too bad we'll just cancel Stanwell and that'll teach ya". I recognise it from the way I sometimes acted when I was a kid. Execs needs to take more responsibility, demonstrate more competance and get less pay.

    I reckon most of us on this forum could together run a large company together better than some that are doing it now.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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