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    to: tanpal re: anmna being dumped on the open tanpal,
    I can not give you or your friend financial advice for the simple reason that I'm not a financial adviser or a stockbroker.
    You should seek such advice from a professional financial adviser/broker.
    However, I'm prepared to give you my personal opinion about Australian Magnesium current situation the way I see it.
    From all the recent news they appear to have a good deal of financial and technical problems to deal with.
    Further they have little time to get this sorted out - remember the CEO's recent statement: "Australian Magnesium will require balance sheet support". In other words they are short of cash.
    They have to deal with cost over runs, delays and unable to arrive at a fixed price for construction with Leighton Contractors.
    They need - quickly - a new partner prepared to throw a good deal of money at the project. If this partner is an overseas corporation it is becoming less attractive due to the rise in the A$.
    On the positive side for ANMNA holders as opposed to the ANM holders is the Qld. Government funded distribution to DES holders. Still 3 payments @ 3.2c due. These payments are secured even if the project is not going ahead according to Qld. Gov. Treasury.
    What will turn the price around ?
    Announcement of a signed deal with new equity partner. Note current holders will have their holdings diluted and a new equity partner may well go for preference shares leaving current ANM & ANMNA holders at the back of the que.
    Announcement of a signed contract for plant construction at a fixed price.
    Shorter construction time which will bring forward first production.
    An increase in world prices for magnesium - however, remember Ford has contracted to take about 50% of the Stanwell output.
    I was 'lucky' (time will tell) buying on the open today at 10c. If you are trying to get more at that price you are in good company. Several orders for 500k & 1mil at 10c. Also major orders at 10.5. Up from there it is mainly retails orders.
    I wish you luck with your holdings. This is a risky investment and more than ever one should not gamble with more money than one can afford to lose.

    Now read all the read stuff below - all the best
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