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    Many people in this forum seem to beleive that austar is bleeding customers and likely to die a slow and painful death (most for shareholders), if that were really why would a company be willing to buy out the US bondholders and then attempt to buy the shareholders out and own 100% of a dying company. Many may say they only want 100% because under Australian law they need to make a takeover offer for 100% of the co. but it is more likely they know that they are buying into a company where the hard work has already been done, the current shareholders have already worn the pain of heavy losses and a decline share price, now austar is a path to better times the shareholders (of which I am one) are trying to be cheated out of what is rightfully ours, a growing company, with increasing profits and the possibility at some not to distant point of dividends.
    Austar's greatest problem I believe is piracy. Austar has around 400,000 customer, I personally believe up to another 50,000+ are receiving the signal illegally. And I think that figure could be conservative. If Austar, who is making a great attempt at stamping out piracy, can achieve a sizable reduction in piracy and convert just a few of those to paying customer then that will be a huge help.

    To all austar shareholders, I make the plea that they do not sell out in the t/o to these opportunists. We've worn the pain and now deserve the glory and ultimate financial rewards. CHAMP requires less than 10% before they can undertake compulsory aquisition.
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