aust records 3.3b trade deficit

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    how on earth can this be happening during the biggest australian boom ever ?

    oh i see, too much spending on big cars and electricals etc whilst there is cheap loan money available ---- read no interest payable for ..... ??? oh and all that cheeeeep china stuff too that keeps breaking and needs replacing almost on a daily basis.

    and just as berney takes hold of the inflationary rains tonight.

    oh deary me, here go those interest rates upwards in usa just as soon as it looks like the mkts have got berney stabilisationitus. had to happen.


    Aust records $3.3b trade deficit
    Posted Mon Apr 7, 2008 3:33pm AEST

    Australia has recorded its 71st consecutive monthly trade deficit.

    Official figures show the nation's international trade balance was in deficit by a record $3.3 billion in February.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics says exports fell by 4 per cent, while imports eased by 0.2 per cent.
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