Aussie Spirit A Force To Reckon With

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    Aussies are - and I generalise here - pretty tolerant and easy going people.

    Mullticulturalism has been given a "fair go" by most Australians and that has led to the integration of some wonderful people from diverse cultures into this "wide brown land".

    But ... push us too far ... and "all hell will break loose".

    Once provoked Aussies can give as good as they get. The Turks found out that at Gallipolli as did the Germans on the Western Front in WW!. The Japanese tested the "Aussie Spirit" in WW2 in New Guinea - and the legacy of Kakoda has not been forgotten.

    We are slow to anger and willing to give the benefit of the doubt but .... once provoked we will rally as did our forebears.

    The "Anzac Tradition" is bigger than Ben-Hur these days .... and if the Bali massacre was directed at "Aussies" then there could well be a re-kindling of that "Aussie Spirit".

    What a despicably cowardly act it was - it's enough to make you want to retalialiate in kind.

    It makes understandable the US desire for revenge after September 11.

    I, for one, am appalled - patience is running out - fast!
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