aussie stay in melb?

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    Hey, anybody see todays editorial Herald Sun (page 18)
    re Grandstanding....Football staying at the MCG etc etc?

    I thought the last few lines were appropriate.

    Quote...."Aussie rules football belongs at the MCG, not only by wtitten agreement with the MCC but by historic right"....unquote

    Now I can identify with that....not only at a Victorian level...but I get this feeling of deja vu.

    Footie in Melbourne is a religion....we all know that.

    So is Judaism.........

    Football finals belong at the MCG through a written agreement with the MCC

    Israel belongs to the Jews via a written agreement in the Torah....the oldest recorded legal document with the MCC as well......Master Creator of Creations

    And as a historic right?

    Wow! That's one for the books.....What's this historic right stuff? But then again, We've been aguing the concept for 3,000 years, so I'll run with the flow on that one too.

    Crikey........I'll bet you Aussie rules gets over the finish line on that one.

    Our mob can't even score a point (although we get it in the behind often enough) let alone a goal.

    Would it be in order to nominate an Israeli team for the AFL?

    Imagine a grand final in Jerusalem.........(wish..wish..)

    Am I being blasphemous?
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