Aussie IS fighter begs to come home.

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    You really do have to work hard at being ‘sympathetic ‘ to this story, I wonder how much ‘choice’ his wife had in the move; if none then I would feel sorry for her and their three children.

    If IS had ‘won’?? ..... Still want to have come ‘home’ then?

    ”I was born here. I was a hardworking man and I became religious and then I wanted to do what I thought was right which ended up being the wrong thing” he said.

    I really do wonder how becoming ‘religious’ led to his actions and perhaps more importantly was he ‘taught’ that being religious means you can fight with a terrorist organisation; if so then I would sincerely hope that type of ‘teaching’ is nigh non-existent.

    Lets see what decision this Government will come up with in their Wisdom.
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