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Hi Striker, somebody very rational ( if I do say so myself ......

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    Hi Striker, somebody very rational ( if I do say so myself ... and I am actually throwing a bit of humor attempts here for those who don't catch it) posted basic ASX info on the forum the other day which gave a number of circumstances that the ASX acknowledges a company may not be able to disclose certain information... actually it was in direct response to one of your posts.

    "ASX recognises that how quickly an entity can give an announcement of particular information to ASX will be dictated by the circumstances confronting it at the time. Relevant factors may include: • where and when the information originated; • the forewarning (if any) the entity had of the information; • the amount and complexity of the information concerned; • the need in some cases to verify the accuracy or bona fides of the information; • the need for an announcement to be carefully drawn so that it is accurate, complete and not misleading;47 • the need in some cases for an announcement to comply with specific legal or Listing Rule requirements, such as the requirement for an announcement that relates to mining or oil and gas activities to comply with Chapter 5 of the Listing Rules; 48 and • the need in some cases for an announcement to be approved by the entity’s board"

    In addition, there are a number of possibilities why a company may have information and still legally not be obliged to disclose it, as the basic asx rules identify this specifically:
    Exception to rule 3.1 3.1A Listing rule 3.1 does not apply to particular +information while each of the following is satisfied in relation to the information: 3.1A.1 One or more of the following 5 situations applies: • It would be a breach of a law to disclose the information; • The information concerns an incomplete proposal or negotiation; • The information comprises matters of supposition or is insufficiently definite to warrant disclosure; • The information is generated for the internal management purposes of the entity; or • The information is a trade secret; and 3.1A.2 The information is confidential and ASX has not formed the view that the information has ceased to be confidential; and 3.1A.3 A reasonable person would not expect the information to be disclosed. Introduced 01/01/03 Amended 01/05/13 Cross-reference: Listing Rules 3.1, 3.1B, 18.8A; Guidance Note 8 Continuous Disclosure: Listing Rules 3.1-3.1B."

    So, do you understand those basic rules? If not, I can certainly understand why.
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