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aussie biotechs set to soar

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    interesting article from the abc aust.
    vcr and imu come to mind as they both have patents.

    Biotechnology sector continues to expand
    EMMA ALBERICI: Australia has an excellent, but little appreciated, history in biotechnology.

    Four of the country's five Nobel laureates have gone to Australian biotech scientists.

    Currently the healthcare and biotechnology sector is bigger than mining and agriculture.

    It makes up 9 per cent of GDP and there's no signs of it slowing down, despite some fears the sector is forming a bubble.

    STEVE MARSHALL: This could be the cure for deep vein thrombosis, the clotting condition thought to have killed 25-year-old Rebecca Yates after a long-haul flight last year.

    WARREN KINGSTON, CEO, CRYPTOME PHARMACEUTICALS: We are using the human body to treat the human body.

    We are taking proteins that exist and finding within them capabilities that nobody knows they have.

    STEVE MARSHALL: Cryptome Pharmaceuticals is the latest Australian biotech company to list on the ASX.

    The industry is enjoying a risk capital in hibernation over recent years.

    MARTIN ASHDOWN, BIOTECH ANALYST, TOLHURST NOALL: As of August, in the US there have been 10 new companies file for IPOs in the US.

    Most of them will list before Christmas, so that is a good indication.

    STEVE MARSHALL: Many companies now have products in the international marketplace, like bionic ear inventor Cochlear.

    Others are in the final stages of clinical evaluation, such as artificial heart maker, Ventricor.

    It is attracting savvy investors, despite suggestions the market is over inflated.

    MARTIN ASHDOWN: I think it is scare mongering in the marketplace to - and perhaps a lack of understanding or being ingenuous in the analysis of the companies.

    There will be companies that will fail - that happens anywhere.

    I think biotechnology in Australia has a good history.

    STEVE MARSHALL: When it comes to investing in a biotech company, analysts suggest using the four P rule - the quality of people, does the company have any granted patents, potential market size and the persistence of the company.

    Steve Marshall, ABC News.

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