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"Shorter's paradise"? I've been hearing the same song on repeat...

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    "Shorter's paradise"? I've been hearing the same song on repeat here from above $3 and short sellers have been right all the way down. The sector and GXY in particular have nothing going for it. There is an oversupply of lithium, demand for lithium hasn't lived up to expectation, sales of EVs is not what the sector was expecting, there is no exponential growth, the price of lithium has tanked and continues to tank faster than a Tesla can go from 0 to 100kmph, GXY management leave a lot to be desired, dud investments, spending cash like a man with no arms, the list goes on..

    84c is the next line of support on the charts I'm looking at. It's funny how people on here are saying insiders aren't selling so there's no need to worry... But they aren't buying either. Insiders can't really sell in any case as it would be a sure-fire way to end their tenure at the company. They are probably just as delusional as many holders on here about this supposed influx of demand for lithium that is about to hit the sector any minute now
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