AUG-The next OXR

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    AUG could be the next Oxiana. The have a similar (although undeveloped) gold deposit in PNG. I think PNG is prob. more risky than laos but im not sure. Maybe they are probably just as bad as each other.

    If you look at the market cap of AUG, its only $AU 27 million(of which $AU18 million is in cash!) but yet has a world class gold deposit waiting to be developed with the BFS due out this month.

    Cash costs are similar to OXR as are reserves and grades. AUG also has some 18 million in cash to help kickstart project development in the event that they do not sell of morobe. Seems undervalued in a big way but needs more movement on the morobe front before value can be priced in.

    Just would be nice to know what Ron Brieley has in his mind!


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