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    I asked the company about the Morobe project, the overdue bank feasibility study and who is supposed to be looking at it. All they did was send me a copy of the recent chairman's address to shareholders ie "no comment". The $3 per share statement below caught my eye a couple of weeks ago.

    ""AURORA GOLD seems to have "Capital Return" written all over it.
    This was the writing on the wall when the GUINNESS PEAT GROUP acquired RIO's 35 per cent share some twelve months ago - making a 10c per share offer for
    AUG when its cash backing was some 17c - and now has some 40 per cent of the miner.
    GSP is sitting in the box seat, with its representative Michael Jefferies seconded to be managing director and CEO of AUG.
    Aurora at March 31 had 12.5c a share in cash.
    Its principal asset, 50 per cent of the 6.3 million Morobe gold resource is up for sale and could be worth an extra $3 a share.
    Shares of Aurora yesterday sold at 17.5c."

    Disclaimer: I own some AUG shares.
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