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aud will dive

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    It is becomming patently obvious that NAB will not tell the truth nor will the regulators force it out of them. There are many reasons for this not least of which is a government policy to tacitly encourage the buying of the Australian dolalr to prop up the rag tag image of an economy only Australians (and yes the allied axis) call bouyant.

    The numbers of unemployed (relegated to universities or early retirees whom they do not count) has been up 2 fold since 2002. The LSE has published an in depth study of 'mirage' economics of countries like the US and Australia was singled out. It confirms the fact that there is a huge level of uneomployed swept under the carpet and substituted for by illegal Britons, Chinese and other groups particularly students (totalling over 300,000 in the workforce).

    NAB has been hastily and surreptitiously engaged in speculative buying of the UAD. The ANZ being the other big speculator but remaining mum at this stage.

    Rogue traders are not rogues but a part of the system yet unknown or undiscovered. If they make millions illegally and without the knowledge of their superiors they are deemed heroes. it is when they fail that the tag sticks.

    NAB's losses run into billions. The NAB and Comm Bank are very tight lipped and tip toeing through their treasuries right now.

    Come Clean NAB
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