aud gold price on the rise

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    Might be a good time to stock up on a few cheap goldies....

    Take your pick

    On the local scene BDG will announce their funding arrangements sometime this month as they previously stated.
    My best guess is that it will be towards end of month.

    THe gold is unquestionably there , but "the market" is not convinced it can be won economically.

    It was done in the past with more than 20 million oz & I see no reason why BDG won't be able to do it again.

    In the meantime

    How irresponsible was broker Bell Potter in dumping a large line of BDG on the market last monday,driving the price down.
    It was a public holiday in Victoria.
    THe majority of BDG shareholders are Victorians & to do so at such a time was at best innocent stupidity & at worst a deliberate attempt to manipulate the price down.


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