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  1. Yak
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    Im 3/4 tanked at the moment and watching a great U2 DVD so....

    But youre right and honestly I want trying to claim the US gave hte world all of the stuff....

    But as you have pointed out, they have developed it and made it available.

    What I think Im trying to say is that in the end you have to be on side or the other.

    and to one previous poster whether you wan tit or,lioke it there ARE sides!!

    As one of the 60's sayings go " if your not part of the solution you're part of the problem"

    You have to accept the propganda (I know they all do it) but you have to decide WHOSE youre going to listen to.

    I am a Yank but have been here since 72. Oz is now home but I am still aligned with the US for many complex reasons

    But in the end - with all their flaws and with all the stuff they have done either intentionally or misguided or accidentally, they are still light years ahead of all the rest.

    Whats the next integer of being tanked after 3/4??
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