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    Raider you say that Uni must have spent $15-20M on St Mary’s. Well they did not. They leased it, which was smart. The facility that they leased was fully fitted out.

    Any money spent was to develop the process’s, injection molding tooling and machinery. The lease was up at the end of June and low and behold Alan in his wisdom only took a lease out till June 07, so if he does not have a crystal ball, then maybe he had anticipated that St Mary’s would be outgrown by then, in the march towards being a global company. A technology company transitioning to an major industrial producer evolves and needs to be flexible to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

    The write down has already been announced to the market ,after all machinery was sold and including the first assembly line, it was approx $4.5M. Not bad and in the meantime all the process’s were validated and verified, injection molding tooling transferred to the USA, CE Mark approval, ISO 13485 Certified, so they hit the ground with the wheels spinning in the USA, smart thinking.

    Oh and by the way to validate that they have world leading technology, they happen to have an exclusive agreement with one the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world for the development of their Prefilled Syringe Technology, a company that Unilife happens to be in relationship with for over 4 years, providing Unilife with inside proprietary information, which no other syringe company can get access to and hence the reason there is no new competition in this sector.

    Companies of this size do not sign exclusive agreements unless they are serious. The Prefilled syringe market is the fastest growing sector with very few suppliers and consequently big margins. If the Pharma company uses hundreds of millions per year, that translates to potentially over $100Million profits per year because there are no go to market costs in this sector, as the Pharma company is responsible for regulatory approval and delivery of the filled syringe, into the market.

    The game is on for Unilife, major Pharma exclusively signed up, strong patents in place and real potential profits of in excess of $100Million per year for at least 10 years ( because that is how long it would take the Pharma to change to another technology once committed to the Unilife Prefilled Syringe technology), then if it is $50M that they have raised in total, then it seems like a very good investment and this is only one deal! Then all the other syringe technologies , IBS etc and deals with other Pharma’s with real market brand credibility thrown in, sounds like a pretty good deal to me and obviously to the people that have bought the 8 million shares traded in the last 3 days.

    Yes they have had problems, yes they have made mistakes and yes they have made bad judgements but show me any successful company that has not. They made a mistake in the selection of the company in Melbourne that was contracted to supply the first automated assembly line. The first assembly line failed to work according to the specifications in the contract. This would have stopped most companies, just look at poor Ritract and they did not have a problem as big as this to overcome. It is a credit to alan and his team, that it only slowed them down. They came up with an alternative strategy and implemented it, that takes guts, perseverance and absolute belief. The very ingredients that make champions.

    Raider your vindictive vitriolic diatribe smacks of a vendetta. To keep access to old newspaper articles, so that you can throw them out to try and discredit Unilife and Alan Shortall, is sad. You have obviously been emotionally wounded in some way and feel aggrieved, I would be happy to help fund good therapy for you. Do you really believe that you or the writer of the newspaper articles have any credibility, no. Do you really think that advisors of the calibre of Warren Rustand would have their name associated with Alan Shortall and Unilife, if they had not done their own investigations and were satisfied that there was no substance to the articles. Have a look at the quality, experience and qualifications of the Unilife team, do you really think that people of this quality would follow a leader that they did not trust. You hide behind your anonymity and throw unfounded allegations, aspersions and old newspaper articles, I would be happy to arrange a face to face meeting with alan and see how brave you would be to make the allegations to his face. If nothing else he has proven he is a fighter and as I said you have no credibility or backbone. I will send you some love and remember you in my prayers.

    Unilife and its accredited team will shine and become a global pharm company. They have spent the last few years building strong global relationships and growing the buisiness which will become evident ( VERY SOON).

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