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    I've just had the good fortune to acquire a copy of the current edition of the "Mega Profile Update" A newsletter cum advertising blurb published by Lumacom's European partner Megagroup.There is a half page article devoted to the acquisition by Megagroup of 3 Barcelona Landmark sites.In particular they mention the Maremagnum waterfront site(referred to as one of the wonders of modern urban development)It fruther reads as follows;

    "the setting is ideal for the introduction of the giant video screen which will operate through MegaTV technology by Lumacom.
    The 30 square metre highest quality LED screen can operate with video,TV,DVD or camera and offers interactivity,SMS picture massaging and links to other international sites."

    The article is accompanied by a photo of the building which will host the sign.

    I'm starting to believe we've got a potential bonanza here.
    I hold LUM read the red stuff and do your own research

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