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    For those who may be wondering what is happening here (and I am amongst those who would like to know the full story) the poster Sliderule together with his various other Hotcopper identities first burst onto the scene late last year with a series of personal attacks aimed at Hotcopper members posting on the subject of Biotech stock CST.

    The aggressiveness and personal vitriol contained within those posts set a new standard in my time on Hotcopper.

    Allegations made included attacks on personal integrity, sexuality and morality together with allegations of organised ramping and collusion.

    Unfortunately, Hotcopper members were not able to appreciate that Sliderule had continued these attacks offline as well directing an extraordinary series of filthy emails to several long term members of this forum.

    Almost without exception Sliderule under his/her various guises has never offered any substantial arguement to back its bizarre claims.

    I first ran foul of it whilst stepping into the CST discussion commenting on technical aspects of the CST chart.

    It is my personal opinion that there is no place for posters of this type though I acknowledge the forum has no real way of ridding itself of such people.

    As a result I have pursued - and will continue to do so - the garish trajectory of this aggressive individual.

    Whilst I have no doubt he will continue to haunt this site under his existing or new personae it can be noted by all that one scratch of the surface always brings his composting personality to the surface.

    I don't think these flaming wars add anything much to the site as many long term members no doubt agree, but neither do I believe the site is enhanced by good people standing back and watching committed long term members harrassed away from posting by the actions of this low-life.

    Cheers all.
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