A number of former unit holders in the above fund have paid...

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    A number of former unit holders in the above fund have paid particular attention to findings of the Royal Commission into banks, other Financial Institutions and operators of such entities.  We feel that MFS former unit holders are worthy of consideration for compensation for our losses due to the way our life savings were handled by numerous managers and employees of the fund.  I would like you to read the undermentioned proposal if you wish and for you to make your own considered judgment as to whether you feel it worthwhile for your further investigation.   Without encouraging you one way or the other I would like to point out that there is interest being shown by our fellow former unit holders in the proposition.   I have set out below relevant information which may assist you in your deliberations.  

    The following is a proposal for representation  put forward by the SR Group on behalf of investors of the Premium income Fund who held units when MFS/OCTAVIAR collapsed


     SR Group, assists and represents victims of financial misconduct and dishonest behaviour by seeking redress through various methods of compensation.

    We currently represent 10 different victim groups in their pursuit of compensation. Through our experience with the Prime Trust and Trio Capital Groups, among others, we have learnt there are thousands of people who have fallen victim to financial misconduct and dishonest behaviour.

    The MFS group of victims’ plight to recover losses caused by the dishonest activity of the former Directors of the MFS over the last ten years has been very disappointing for all involved. Upon researching the MFS scheme and the ongoing saga faced by investors, SR Group have identified potential avenues of redress for MFS investors and the practicality of pursuing them. 

    We have been contacting MFS investors with an opportunity for a final compensation claim through a closed group action. We do not envisage long drawn out proceedings like many experienced in the Class Action and we are very mindful of the average age of those involved.


    For more information on our closed group action or to register please visit srgroup.com.au and click on the MFS - Octaviar Group Registration. Alternatively call our team on (02) 9053 0062 and we can assist you. 

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