CM8 13.8% 3.3¢ crowd media holdings limited

Attention CM8 posters.

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    Posters, while we do encourage genuine risk vs reward debate on all stocks I would ask you all not to cross any lines. Please read our defamation guidelines and take note. Do not make any posts that are insulting or ridiculing. Do not make insinuations or accusations against real world people. This is a public forum and therefore there is always the potential that your post could be seen in an unfavourable legal light. I have had to remove a couple of posts here in recent days because of the potential for such risk.

    Any poster going forward from here who breaches these guide lines will have a 7 day mandatory suspension to go along with their moderation. Please let's not get to that point.

    thanks 9L
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3.0¢ 3.6¢ 2.9¢ $405.9K 12.14M

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1 77618 3.3¢

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3.4¢ 338114 3
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3.0¢ 3.6¢ 2.9¢ 3817865
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