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attention cfr shareholders!!!

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    This is copied from a post on ozestock.....

    Attention CFR Sharholders - Cluff Resources.

    Well after calling the ASX yesterday, they felt that an update was due from Cluff Resources and the ASX Companies Avisor "Adrian" called Cluff management.

    During a return call later on. Adrian stated that he expected Cluff to keep the market informed shortly as a matter of continuous disclosure.

    As I write this at 11.34 a.m. there has not been an announcement to date.

    I would suggest that all sharholders who bought in on the wieght of the announcement of the CFR deal with Packer's CPH on the 23/5/03, should call the ASX's designated Companies Advisor and ask why we have had any further info.

    CFR's announcement stated that they expected to have something for us the following week. It has been two weeks and I for one would like some answers.

    You can call the ASX for a local call cost on 1300 300 279 and ask for the person who handles te relations with Cluff Resources "Adrian" a Companies Advisor.

    Ask him why they haven't updated the market?

    You can also call Cluff on (02)9482 4655
    or email: [email protected]



    HOMEX - Sydney

    The Company is pleased to report that it is in negotiation with
    Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd with regard to developing a ruby
    mining industry at its Gloucester Ruby Project, north of Sydney.

    Discussions over the last couple of months to develop the ruby
    project have reached an advanced stage. The Company hopes that an
    agreement on the project can be settled next week.

    The discussions provide for Cluff to carry out mining on the deposit,
    initially at a rate of 150 tonnes per day, yielding about 10,000
    carats of rough ruby per week. Ruby production from the mine will be
    purchased by Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd.

    The economics of mining determined from this operation will then be
    evaluated with a view to substantially raising the throughput and
    profitability of the mine.

    P Kennewell
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