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attempted Day light robbery

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    Let think, whay the financier would offer $20m finance to the company with MC of only $10m as it was yesterday (rounded numbers)?

    because if the MC stayed @ $10m then at the end of finance being drawn they would own approx. 70% of the company which they must have done the numbers must be worth much more than $30 m for them to bother

    US market must have figures out the game and that is why it is paying up , the possibility of running out of cash is gone and the only question is who will take the price ?

    The financiers of Share Holders ?

    Financiers if the SP stays low, the shareholders if SP goes up and dilution is avoided.

    My plan is to keep up with the Financiers buying and continue to buy on the market avoiding my own dilution.

    This way I will make what the shred financiers are making.
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