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attempt at resource valuation

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    I've been doing some calculations on the value of the resource. I'm not experienced at this sort of thing but the way I see it is:

    From the recent announcement, inferred amount of U308 is 2,700t

    2,700t x 1000 = 2.7 million kg U308
    2.7 million kg x 2.2 = approx. 6 million lbs U308

    price of U308 seens to be about $45 USD per pound - which is roughly $50 AUS per pound.

    Value of resource = 6 million x 50 = $300 million

    This seems pretty impressive to me for a company with $26 million market cap.

    From what I can work out there are 84 million shares on issue. Does this put share value at $3.57? Obviously not because there are production costs etc. - but then again, the full size of the resource is yet to be established.

    Any comments are welcome!

    I've made a few posts recently so I'm now going to lay low before I get accused of ramping!
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