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    This annoucement from BPT/ICN regarding ATP855P Farmin could be very good for DLS.
    Our block ATP940P borders both 218 and 855 and is roughly the same size as either of these 2 blocks.
    The following comment from BL comes from a report on Native Title dated the 23/12/2010
    "Mr. Lingo continued �Reaching agreement over this area was very important for Drillsearch and in
    particular the ATP 940P area. Drillsearch�s technical assessment of this block is highly encouraging
    for conventional oil and gas and we believe this block also holds a major position in the emerging
    shale gas fairway in the Nappamerri Trough of the Cooper Basin. We believe the position we hold
    actually is a sweet spot in the emerging shale gas play in the Central Cooper Basin. The results
    publicly announced about Beach�s Encounter-1 shale gas exploration well are extremely
    encouraging for us showing approximately 200 meters of very gassy shale seams located right on
    the Western Boundary of ATP 940P which covers approximately 2500 km2. Encounter-1 was
    drilled within 4.2 km of the ATP 940P boundary. This result and the technical work we have been
    doing on this block over the last year give us a great deal of confidence of the very significant
    potential we hold in the heart of this play.�
    For further information please contact:
    Brad Lingo
    Managing Director"

    Also have a look at the map on page 17 of the following report
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