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atlantic gold wow now nearly 3 million ozs

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    With all the turmoil going on Atlantic Gold have seen the silver lining in a dark cloud and put together a situation where shareholders stand to benefit enormously in the near future.

    The mind boggles at what will be achieved by Atlantic Gold once they start producing gold from Touquoy and have significant cashflow to explore the excellent gold prospective properties in their and Acadians gold property portfolios.

    Touquoy - Production Plan and 3 Million ounce Resource Memorandum of Understanding signed with Acadian Mining

    Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Acadian Mining Corporation, a mining company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, to consider processing ore from Atlantic's Touquoy Gold Project through Acadian's Scotia mill; and consolidating their assets including their gold interests, the aggregate resource inventory of which amounts to almost 3.0 million ounces gold.
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