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ati holders to jump on ord.

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    Check out the recent ATI threads on HC regarding
    Here is the article that is sparking the debates.

    Even without the above delimma ORD should be valued more then ATI. Currently ATI has a market cap of approx $40M and ORD has a market cap of $20M

    Here is a list of why I think ORD should be valued mor then ATI.

    * ORD has a potential to reach 2B Tonnes of Bauxite, ATI has the aim to access to 1.5B tonnes.

    * ORD already has a JORC Compliant Resource of 130million Tons of Bauxite, ATI has JORC of nada zilch.

    * ORD has the support of CNMC to help fund the Bauxite project. ORD Chairman and one of the Directors is also the Chairman and Director of CNMC. Also ORD has access to Chinese banks thanks to CNMC. How will ATI fund captial cost. If you look at thier ann. they are also required to build rail and other means of infrastructure.

    * ORD is not a one project company. It has other projects. One that could take ORD to a whole other level is Copper flats. To be drilled in the 2nd Qtr!

    Does any ATI holder beg to differ with the above? Also I would like to put up a challenge I think ORD beats ATI in any sort of catergory hands down, from management to projects. Please try to prove me wrong and I will sell out of ORD and buy ATI.

    P.S. Would Bob Hawke take a 2nd look at ATI?

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