ATE - looking very good

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    1. Nealy half the stock pile has been sold, with the rest also arranged to be sold.

    2. About to sign new 3 year deals with major players in the US and Japan.

    3. Production of 100,000 pounds is planned to be increased to approx 500,000 pounds per year.

    4. Gold assets about be floted off in new listed company called Savannah Gold. ATE holders will get approx 1 for 5 shares currently held for free and options to buy more. This is worth about 4 cents per share in value alone by my estimation.

    5. Recent tantalum analysis puts global demand rising by 10% each year for the next few years. This should push up prices.

    6. The recent announcements have not been factored into the share price as yet. I would expect a rise as soon as the EGM to ratify the spin off of gold assets is announced.

    Do your own research.

    Al Baby
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